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3 Reasons Why You Need to Know How Your Headhunter Works

Previously we shared with you the 10 things you did not know about how headhunters find you a great senior management position or differently put- your dream job. Headhunter services can vary depending on how big or small the headhunter is. We interviewed a few of our headhunter contacts from Experteer and came up with a day plan on what they do all day (of course while finding the best senior level positions for our candidates!).

Here’s the top 3 reasons why you need to know more about your headhunter or recruiter:


  • Knowing your Headhunter 1:

People in ‘executive jobs’ in any big company will know, that if you do not have a headhunter contact (who may well be a big company or a small one man army), you are in trouble. Most senior positions are rarely listed on free job portals. And what you essentially need is someone whose job it is to find you new senior management jobs, while you work or even when you are on a holiday.

Helps you identify what is available in the market and not find yourself in a position 10 years into your job having no idea what opportunities are available in case you went looking for one. It is usually possible to work with 2-3 headhunters on a regular basis so that you can compare and benchmark the market well. This may also be helpful for you to identify ‘when’ your industry hires, that is, what the recruitment trends are. This is even more critical if you were planning to be an expat in a new country!

  • Knowing your Headhunter 3:

Help you find jobs within your specialized industry. This means, you will need to know what kind of clients the headhunters work with, what their background is and also who they have worked with in the past from a candidate end. This is usually a trust based relationship and that needs information exchange on both sides. You need to know in case of an emergency just when you can reach your Headhunter, or when you can expect a call from him/her.

And now that we know the reasons, here’s your typical Headhunter day

This is us covering a big headhunter company based on a few interviews, but hopefully offering you an insider view!

Headhunter day

Your next dream job might just be waiting for you- be prepared!

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