3 Most creative job applications!

Standing out from the crowd is a great skill. We already shared how your CV or job application hardly get more than a few minutes (even seconds) from the recruiter when so many applications are in competition for a single dream job. What can you potentially do to be different?

While, we do not essentially recommend blatantly copy what we are about to share here, but we thought it could make you think out of the box on some aspects depending on your industry, function and level of seniority. Surely, for a fun Friday, if you are unable to use this inspiration! Here are 3 unique and creative job applications for your perusal! 🙂

1. Starting a new online campaign: Google Please Hire Me

Matthew Epstein started an online revolution asking Google to hire him. It came with a 4 minute YouTube video, a website. It came with excessive details on why he had selected Google, followed by a bullet-ed list of why Google should select him.

He even had a list of job offerings from Google that he had selected specifically as the ones he was perhaps finding a match with. Information on his online profiles and personal work was listed alongside the usual resume. The site itself also had a call to action button called- ‘request an interview’. Far too much fun, don’t you think? We would all like to be so planned and customized for future employers. Of course while it is impossible to do it for all, but for a dream company, worth the effort, don’t you think?

2. Formulating a Pinterest board: Jeanne for Pinterest

Pinterest was the dream employer for Jeanne Hwang and naturally she did what a Pinterest fan would do- create a Pinterest board, highlighting her professional experiences, skill sets as well as how she felt she was the ‘fit’ and all her experiences and ‘rock-star skills’.

See the Pinboard below (screenshot via Pinterest board here)- totally worth a re-pin we say! Also worth noting is the emphasis on ‘soft skills’ and passion apart from just key expertise that we usually tend to overboard traditional resumes with.

creative job applications

3. Off you go to the recruiter: Dear Lisa Rutgers:

Lindsay Blackwell created a site with videos, interactive call to action buttons and a resulting thousands of shares through such an innovative job application to reach her recruiter Lisa Rutgers. The position was for the Social Media Director in the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Lindsay’s innovative job application went viral and was shared on multiple social platforms.

Just like a usual job application, it consisted of all the information including the usual cover letter data- why she wanted the job, what were her key skill sets in connection with the job, how her online profiles looked, how to get in touch etc. In the end Lindsay landed herself an interview with the recruiter. However, she found an interesting senior level job in another company! What a success story!

Which methods would you try for your dream jobs?

This list was curated from the original list from here.

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