Daily Archives: November 23, 2017

Bad Bosses

Attention! Do you scare your employees?

Bad bosses are not only a daily annoyance for the employees, but also a burden on the company’s success. In general, there is a huge gap when it comes to how leadership thinks they are perceived, and how they actually are. It’s in your best interest to close that gap. Do you consider yourself a…

Honesty in Job Interviews
Would I lie to you?

Honesty in Job Interviews – How Much is Too Much?

In an attempt to impress recruiters, many applicants bring out their bag of tricks: “Weaknesses? Probably my perfectionism.” But when it comes to hiring for executive positions, HR managers wish for authenticity from their candidates, more than anything else. But what about the tougher questions? Questions about your plans for a family, or your reason for…

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