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Age is an Asset! 3 Inspirational Tips for Managers Over 50

They are experienced, they are successful, they are established: Many managers over 50 decide to take their careers into the fast lane with a change of position, and rightly so. Top headhunters are increasingly looking for executives with experience, so time to focus the spotlight on your competence – and take it into overdrive. Differing…

Embarrassing Office Situations

“Is this your Application in the Printer?!”

Some things are best kept private – recall Donald Trump’s infamous “locker room talk”? When situations like this arise they can be damaging to your reputation, so it’s best to be extra diligent in keeping your private affairs private. This principle also holds in business settings, especially when you’re trying to make your next career…

Descriptions of the Perfect Employee

Irreplaceably perfect

7 Top CEO’s Describe Their Perfect Employee There is no shortage of advice out there on how to be a good employee. But ever wonder how the world’s preeminent business leaders choose their new hires? These visionaries who run—and in some cases found—billion dollar companies look for particular qualities in the people they give responsibility…