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Consulting Career

Successful DNA Decoded: The 10 Skills Needed by Consultants

In consulting you can be promoted faster and earn much more than in most other industries, however not everyone makes the cut in the exclusive consultant ranks. In order to be successful there are some skills you have to bring to the table. A steep learning curve, international opportunities and a spectacular salary: the consulting…

illegal interview questions
Interview Questions for Executives

5 Super Sneaky Illegal Interview Questions

They say that you have to submit 100 job applications just to get one interview, so what happens when you finally land one? With any luck, you’ll be blowing them out of the water! Fast forward to the day of the interview, and it’s going great. You’re building rapport, crafting a strong narrative for your…

Successful Executives

Advancing your career without those long office hours

We’ve all heard the saying, “hard work pays off”, but then why is it that certain people seem to advance quicker than others, without putting in any extra effort? The answer to this question may be both surprising and inspiring… Common Career Myths: Success depends solely on hard work, dedication and clever planning, right? Wrong….