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top failures in interviews for management jobs

Top failures in job interviews for management jobs

Not for the first time are we talking about the subject of interviews for a post in our Experteer magazine. As the key to your future, the next interview for management jobs is not something you can avoid dealing with. Sure, if you have the picked out the appropriate suit or the perfect dress, reached in time for the interview and met your interview partner with the head held high and firmly shook hands, that’s not so bad for a start. But that is only half the battle.

Tips from headhunters for CIOs changing jobs

Tips from Headhunters for all the CIOs changing jobs!

The IT-Department in today’s world is the strategic brain of a company. The culmination of a career in the IT field is the position of the CIO – Chief Information Officer. Most companies with anything to do with technology directly or indirectly tend to have CIOs at management levels. A CIO must not only have the technical knowledge but also have a keen understanding of the business area to be fit for the role.

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