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What not to do when a headhunter calls

What Not to Do When a Headhunter Calls

It’s a Monday like any other. Somehow everything is not going as smoothly as you would like. The coffee is on strike like the subways and even then there’s this email from your boss, the day seems messed up already by 8 clock in the morning … And then there’s this call: “Hello, do you have a moment for me? Can you speak freely?” Who would have thought, that on the other line there is a headhunter and he calls in to save your day. Well, at least he has a very high probability that a leading management position is in store for you …

Prepared for all the classic interview questions

Applying in Germany: Classic interview questions part 2

There are plenty of them and each is a challenge in itself: job application questions. Especially the ones that increase our heart rate and where we want to flee the room. If it calms you: This is perfectly normal. Recruiters often use questions to see how you can deal with tricky situations. And apart from the tricky questions, it is equally important to consider possible answers to classic interview questions before you go strutting to meet a headhunter or an executive recruiter.

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