Daily Archives: November 26, 2014

transitioning from a colleague to the boss

Transition from a colleague to the boss: The challenges of management jobs

When I grow up, I’d like to be a boss. Perhaps not the most common career people end up having, but I am sure that it’s on your list too. The executive chair offers many benefits: Decision making power, great travel and of course the big money and all that sounds excellent, right? But is there something we are missing- can all that glitter be gold? We spoke with someone who should know. Michael Dams is currently the Managing Director and Director Central Europe (DA-CH) at National Instruments

bearer of bad news as a manager

Management Skills 205: How to be the bearer of bad news

Being the bearer of bad news is of the biggest challenges managers face. No body likes bad news, and it is worse when you know you might be ruining somebody’s day or much more. It never gets easier to tell someone they’re not performing up to standards, or to tell a whole team that their project they’ve spent so many hours on is now scrapped or the company is downsizing.

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