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what is your work process

What is your work process?

Each of us has a unique work process – the way in which we approach our work, and get things done. Your “mojo” is the creative power behind your success – an internal factor that shines through your outside structure. It is your mojo that makes you magnetic, attracting people to you who want what you offer. For most of us, our work process is a mix of the “curation” and the “creation” mode.

Gaps in resume infographic

Applying in Germany: Gaps in the resume no problem!

And there it was, the end of studies. Not with the expected degree or even the full summer term. It was simply impossible to go on with the degree, the sudden new degree seemed felt far better. Does this sound familiar? Then perhaps you’ve also had this not so pretty gap in the resume. It makes no real difference whether it was a wrong decision, a personal moment of truth or simply the impact of a bad boss:

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