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what was your first work abroad experience like peter adelhardt

What was your first work abroad experience like?

It’s interesting to go through someone’s stories and experiences, in turn letting us reflect on our own lives. As mid and senior level professionals, at times, foreign movements can be quite challenging- considering how set we are in our usual ways of work and life. At Vantage Point, some of the conversations with professionals who have experienced foreign working conditions and have had extended work abroad stints always make us wonder.

Headhunter insights on cv for senior managers

What do headhunters look for in the CV for senior managers?

As a part of our ongoing series of conversations with headhunters, today we present insights from Jörg Stegemann- a headhunter . Headhunters and executive recruiters are the first step into getting into a great management jobs. Recently, a senior executive in his 40s was contacted by a headhunter and he reached out to one of our colleagues asking: what do headhunters look for in a CV for senior managers? We do believe a lot gets written about this topic, however, getting the insights directly from a headhunter is most helpful in this context, allowing candidates access to practical insights and tips during a job application process. This is an old interview but we decided to share it, since it does still give us the insights that we feel candidates would be keenly interested in. Here’s our top 5!

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