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Vantage Point, the Experteer magazine

Introducing Vantage Point, The Experteer Magazine

Usually, cool cats at Experteer tend to dream of new things in exquisite ways. Most of them are related to just how we can improve the experiences of a user. Vantage Point, the Experteer magazine makes its entry today. On a quick Google search, senior management professionals will notice, that while their ‘free time’ does not seem to be increasing, the sheer volume of articles to read on topics of interest is exploding…

Tough Interview Questions What to Answer

Tough Interview Questions: What to Answer?

It is common nowadays that candidates show up at job interviews with their homework done: the answers to the most common questions have already been prepared, they have thought of good examples to give from their experience, they have a whole speech prepared on how well developed their leadership skills are. Executive recruiters are aware…

Job Interview Tips Dress like an Executive

Job Interview Tips: Dress like an Executive

Preparing for your first job interview for a position you greatly desire goes beyond polishing your speech on your leadership skills. Whether or not you believe in the impact of first impressions, trust experts on this one: you have to dress for success. And if you want to become an executive, it’s important to dress…

Expert Advice: Land More Interviews!

Developing a CV can be a nail-biting experience. There are so many different aspects to a great CV – content, wording, style, format, design – but most importantly, strategy. That might not be what you expected me to say. Most job seekers do not consider the audience and instead compose the CV to please themselves….

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