15 weirdest job titles that you could actually have

Earlier, we talked about what career should you actually have, and today, we wanted to share, the 15 weirdest job titles that you could actually have. Let’s go through a few exquisite ones for a fun Friday. Which one would you prefer? Of late many companies have turned quirky by giving the weirdest job titles out to employees from ‘wild ducks’ to ‘fundamentalists‘, we seem to be far far off from the director in New York.

But then, why live a life that others expect of you. We can perhaps imagine young kids growing up wanting to be ‘Cat consultants’ instead. We curated this special weirdest job titles list for you this Friday, have a look!

Cat behavior Consultant

Jackson Galaxy is a real person. I immediately Googled to identify this. My colleague sometimes does not want to believe the cat phenomenon that is well and truly all over our online worlds. This is just proof. Oh well, not that I doubted cats.

After all, they have 9 lives. They’re never dying. A cat behavior consultant is obviously aware of that. I am really curious to know how one gets this job titles, I mean, what management skills must I possess?

Bear biologist and paper folder

Dr. Bernie Peyton is a bear biologist and I thought that were cool, till I realized he is also a paper folder. Are the bears coming out of an origami passion is anyone’s guess.

Bride kidnapping expert

Russell Kleinbach is a professor in Philadelphia university and has had a few research papers published on the practice of bride kidnapping in Central Asia. That obviously makes him an expert on the topic, and gender studies, so this is not half as bad it first sounded.

Chocolate beer specialist

Jim Koch is a billionaire- perhaps one of the richest men in the world, founder and chairman of Boston Beer and the chief brand spokesperson for this brands of course. The brand makes craft beers, so I was not sure how chocolate beer came into the picture, I am assuming he may have been creating an innovative flavor. Hmmm…

Shredded Cheese Authority

Richard Scheurman. One look at this online profile is enough to convince me that this man knows everything about dairy and cheese. OK, then.

Head of yet-to-be-announced project

Ben Metcalfe has convinced me that all is just fine with the world. We were not the only ones on yet-to-be-announced special projects. This seems within Uber as of now, but who knows what’s coming up, and how often does this happen :). In any case this reminded me, please read here to see how to keep being your CEO’s darling and making yet-to-be-announced projects successful !

6 layer dip maker

Deb Ashman. Others also found her. I feel less alone.


Boot Shew has a dedicated Reddit thread on ‘what I want to be when I grow up’ discussing various aspects of this ultra important job also people talking about the name. You know, if this thing is real, then I am already apologizing to Boot Shew- what kind of a middle school could it be! Well.

MILF Commander

Ghazali Jafaar. Moro Islamic Liberation Front, in case you were wondering, from Philippines.


Jack Passion is passionate about beards. At least his own. He is a world champion, winning 3rd prize in the ‘Natural beard category’ at the World Beard and Moustache Championships, held in Germany in 2005. He’s also the author of “The Facial Hair Handbook“.

Namer of Clouds

Luke Howard is, a British legend. As a part of his scientific research, he named three categories of clouds with research on changing forms. He was also responsible for showing the importance of clouds in meteorology.

Smarties Expert

Eric Ostrow was the VP Sales and Marketing in Smarties. So it’s no shocker that he must know the brand in and out. We have no doubts in him being the expert.


Tom Hart comes from the department of Zoology, Oxford University, for the uninitiated. His research is centered around how to monitor penguins in Antarctica. Makes sense – that title now.  And in addition, what a cool guy!

Chief Shark Officer

Andy Samberg became a ‘Chief Shark officer’ according this NY Times report here. He was selected by Discovery to cover the footage for the ‘Shark Week’ in 2011. Quite naturally excited by his selection, Andy said,

“I thought about it for about five seconds and thought it was a great idea. First off, it makes no sense. I’m not qualified for this. But I love Shark Weeks and sharks in general. They’re pretty badass.” – Samberg (source: NY Times)

A cunning linguist

Reinhold Aman is a former chemical engineer and professor of German. But then, he also published ‘Maledicta’- a scholarly journal, no less, dedicated to, well, the study of offensive language or maledictology. You clearly don’t want to get into a verbal fight with him. Phew. Also, here’s his official CV. (And he was not born in Passau, not far from where Experteer is based)

And so, that’s that. Of course when you have stopped laughing or feeling poignant, it’s time to get to more common but exquisite job titles here!

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