Infographic: 12 Outstanding traits of a great boss

Time and again, we’ve talked about soft-skills and the fact that while the industry experience and knowledge are a given for most management positions, it is often the emotional skills that make a difference between a bad boss and a great leader. Earlier, we shared the 7 reasons why you are not a top manager. We also shared the personality traits of those that we consider bad bosses- or propagators of ‘toxic leadership‘. However, with the weekend approaching today we are sharing the 12 outstanding traits of a great boss!

Hopefully, many of us will aspire to be such a great boss and inculcate these leadership and personality skills in our daily jobs. While the infographic already lists out a bunch of skills sets, we were eager to share our own thoughts on a few of these factors.

Outstanding traits of a great boss

  • Think Positive: Many managers we speak with and meet tend to think that it is there job to be critical of the work of their sub-ordinates and pick out mistakes at an early stage so that they do not create any project failures later. However, cynicism as a day to day personality trait is not appreciated by anyone. It does not make one appear smarter or more profound.

    According to surveys, people appreciate leaders who bring in an atmosphere of positivity and hope. A happy workplace improves productivity and performance!

  • Delegate: Many managers struggle at delegating their work in the fear that the quality will suffer. It is indeed most critical that the quality should be maintained, and that even as a manager you remain ‘hands-on’ with the workings of a product or your business.

    However, the inability to delegate high impact work, can be a massive negative when people that are reporting to you do not feel empowered enough to own work streams and feel that you’re micromanaging them instead of placing your trust in them.

    As a manager or CEO, it is also critical to be able to maintain a work life balance, and without delegation skills, that is unlikely to happen. Good managers come armed with the ability to delegate and trust!

  • Praise: Far too many cultures and managers give feedback only when something goes wrong.

    Till then, no one seems to show their appreciation or talk through how good or bad the product is. This sort of one-sided feedback can potentially make co-workers demotivated to perform at their best abilities. Good managers are aware of this, and take time out to appreciate work!

As a manager, how would you rate yourself on these outstanding personality traits of great bosses? Where do you stand?

INFOGRAPHIC: Outstanding traits of a great boss

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