10 Gift Ideas for Your Boss

Last minute Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be an ordeal (seriously!). And as managers trying to find the right work-life balance, it does not have to be another big addition to your to-do lists. The trick is to get the recommendations and decide beforehand on what you are buying.

10 Gift ideas for your boss

If you’re having trouble identifying what your niece wishes for Christmas, we cannot help you there. But if your boss is also one of the recipients, the following list might get you out of that busy shopping street a bit quicker.

Today we present the 10 gift ideas for your boss from your personal Gift curator, Aniela Glashauser from an online Gift shop Danato. Aniela has some really interesting ideas and we hope for all those struggling with a new option, you find peace and have a great year end ahead of you!

From everyone at Experteer we wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We are now off gift shopping ourselves and will be back to share all the most important career insights with you soon 🙂

And now, over to Aniela!

In many companies, it is customary to hold a Christmas party, and in some even with Elves. With the colleagues you know a potential gift may be easy to find. With the boss it may get difficult and you do not want to put your foot in the mouth. So here are 10 gift ideas for your boss with which you can not go wrong. A merry Christmas in the boss department is guaranteed!

10 Gift Ideas for your boss

1. The Coffee World Tour: In most offices, there are passionate coffee drinkers and with what could give you greater joy than getting access to your favorite drink? The Coffee World travel can be enjoyed by potentially providing the ‘coffee taste’ from five different countries and at the same time experiencing a change from questionable filter coffee. For tea drinkers, there is of course a similar ‘magical’ box.
2. The personalized ‘coffee’ mug with the name engraved: This gift fits perfectly as the first gift idea. If you want you can get the mug engraved with the name of the recipient that might add an element of cool personalization. And for the winter, a thermo cup is often worth gold.

3. The Box of sweets: There are several boxes of candy to try. Who knows the boss may have a secret sweet tooth, and he/she will rejoice over such a gift. If the boss likes to share, then you’re guaranteed to get a thing or two yourself.

4. The good old classy lighter: Well, if your boss has a thing for smoking and is a classic Mad Men inspired persona. Then, you can ensure the perfect idea for a gift. A noble lighter not only looks good, but also shows that you are happily investing in people and dishing out some money to make the boss happy. Again, you can engrave the name on it to make the gift more personal.

5. A gift for the workhorses: Most bosses are workhorses and then it happens to be a great idea if you can express it with a funny gift. This “set for workhorses” includes a coffee cup, a Mars (everyone needs a chocolate) and a dry-fruit mixture, all of which promise to get the energy high up there.

6. The soccer (football/etc.) remote control: This is definitely the best gift for all sports fans. Because with the soccer remote control, you can not only enjoy the soccer (or any of your favorite sports) on TV, but also experience the best sporting action (no kidding! :))

7. The cooking class: For the one who loves to cook, and wants to expand his culinary skills and so on. Maybe your boss is indeed a secret gourmet chef who prefers doing the cooking rather than sitting in the office cafeteria. Then a cooking class is just the ticket to happiness!

8. Say Thank you: If the boss is very dedicated and works hard, Christmas is a great opportunity to say thank you once. The Nut Snack “Thank you” do you enable a very tasteful manner.

9. The Wellness Set: The perfect gift for the over-stressed boss is a spa experience. This helps ensure against over-work and provides for a good mood all round. Who doesn’t want a relaxed and a good-humored  boss?

10. The PC-Massage Ball: This massage ball is just right for stressed hands that work on a computer all day. It is easily connected via USB to the computer and massages the tense hands.

There are plenty other gift options. Depending on how well you know your boss, you can always find the appropriate things say around hobbies or family. We wish you all success in finding the right one :).

Thank you for all the ideas Aniela! We hope you guys are able to find the right options for your bosses soon and your Christmas gift stress is a bit lower. Have a great end of the year!

Aniela Glashauser

About the Author:

Aniela Glashauser studied Sinology (Chinese culture)  at the LMU, Munich. Since 2009 she has been working in the field of online marketing and content. Aniela writes creative and informative articles for the magazine Danato on the all important questions on topics such as Christmas, wedding and birthday. She also takes care of the YouTube channel of Danato and fills it with exciting videos to DIY craft projects. Danato supports Gifts seekers with innovative gift ideas for all occasions.

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