My Experteer Experience

Mark Bergenthum, Operations Manager in the Construction Industry

Previously I had been a XING member for some time, but concluded that this was a platform for headhunters, who randomly contacted people when they had even a hint of what they were looking for in their profile, in a sometimes unprofessional manner.

After I created my profile on Experteer, I waited with anticipation. Initially I was only contacted by the odd headhunter, and a perfectly matching position never appeared. Finally I began to use filters in the job search, to get more targeted results. This only took a minute.

At Experteer you can quickly and easily filter for salary, radius, industry, career level and more, and send your saved application with the relevant attachments without a problem. All of this is also possible on the go or whilst on holiday, with a tablet or smartphone.

Several headhunters contacted me immediately after I conducted my targeted search. There was one position that particularly stood out to me. The headhunter from Bonn was perfectly prepared and competently and professionally took me through the process from our initial interview at his office to the final signing of the contract with the management of the firm.

What I particularly enjoy about Experteer is their quick and easy to use website. The professionalism of the headhunter pleasantly surprised me. Through Experteer I found a new, exciting career opportunity, and have therefore recommended Experteer to several friends and acquaintances. So far, all of them are very satisfied.

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