My Experteer Experience

Stefan Sasse, Head of Technology - Electronic Engineering

Who has not been there? You are not satisfied, because the promotion won’t come, the new boss is not on the same wavelength, a change is necessary or it is time for the next career step.

What should you do when you want to make the next career move? Run to the newspaper stand every morning to get yourself a big stack of newspapers, and work through those in the hope of finding a matching position? Scour career platforms on the internet?

I have tried every single one of those. I have sat down and have sent applications to all the obvious job portals. Then I discovered a huge disillusion: Many of the recently posted job offers were no longer available, and after some research on the relevant company homepages, many of them had already been offline for months, making an application wasted time.

A long time ago, I read that Experteer offers exclusive, well-paid positions and connections to headhunters and recruiters. Based on this I signed up for Experteer.

I could adapt the job search to match my expectations perfectly. I could filter positions, that were truly current and I could choose my preferred salary range. Both of these advantages that are offered by Experteer, are essential for me.

I found it very positive that the jobs were not randomly highlighted as “New”, but that they are really up to date. Furthermore, it should be emphasised that the search criteria allow a very precise selection and that headhunters initiate contact of their own accord.

Finally: With minimal costs and in a very professional environment I managed to find my new “dream job”, within a very short time frame.

I would strongly recommend Experteer

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