My Experteer Experience

Per Protoschill, Head of Sales Support for Occupational Pensions - Insurances

I was actually not on the lookout for a new career. The main reason I created a profile on Experteer, was to get a feeling for the personnel movements within my industry, to gain experience and – in best case scenario – to discover my personal market value.

This made it all the more interesting, when a recruiter contacted me with a new career opportunity. After I unlocked my profile for said recruiter, everything happened very quickly. After a round of interviews and negotiations, it rapidly became clear that I found the right position for me. After 9 months in the new position, I can truly say that my openness for a new opportunity has paid off. My current tasks perfectly match my expectations, and I feel very happy with my decision.

Based on my experience, I can only recommend being open and confident enough to regularly check career portals such as Experteer, whether there is not a position that better fits your needs. Even if you find out that you are already on the right career path, the comparison can at least help you become more motivated and engaged in your current position.

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