My Experteer Experience

Jochen S., Business Development Manager - Woodworking Industry

Due to unexpected circumstances at my previous company, I suddenly found myself looking for a professional challenge again. Initially I confined my search to advertisements in the large, national newspapers as well as relevant job portals – until my neighbour recommended Experteer to me.

Due to his positive experiences with Experteer, I immediately familiarised myself with the platform and became a member. I quickly got the feeling that I was getting somewhere with Experteer, even though I was not using the full range of services available on the platform. Some tools, like the Recruiter Benchmark for example, helped me tremendously in finding and filtering the right positions for me. Additionally, I was contacted by headhunters and recruiters who noticed my profile.

Ultimately I owe my current position to Experteer. The position was offered to me by a renowned headhunter, who had previously tried to involve me in another interesting project (also through Experteer), but that didn’t work out at the time.

Many thanks to the makers of Experteer – I would recommend your platforms anytime.

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