Frequently Asked Questions


What benefits is Experteer offering?

Experteer is the executive career service for leading professionals. Here you will find career opportunities for senior-level professionals. On Experteer you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  1. Overview of the Market - At Experteer you get an in-depth picture of the opportunities in the high-end job market.
    • Choose from thousands of jobs from more than 8,000 worldwide companies.
    • Hundreds of new positions are added every day.
  2. Stay on top of your career - take the next career step with Experteer.
    • Experteer Profile: Based on your profile, you'll receive relevant job recommendations.
    • Experteer saved search: create your own saved searches and be informed daily of new vacancies that match your specified search criteria.
  3. Exclusive headhunter network - Experteer offers discreet access to headhunters.
    • Create your profile and connect to headhunters who focus on the high-end job market.
    • Headhunters and recruiters can find you if your profile matches the assignments they are handling.
    • You control the visibility of your profile and determine who can view it and contact you. Experteer provides different visibility settings for headhunters and HR managers. You retain control over what recruiters are allowed to view.
What makes Experteer unique?

Experteer offers Job Postings with a Salary Benchmark from $100,000. You benefit from a comprehensive and wide-ranging selection of senior positions. Furthermore you can view exclusive headhunter opportunities, some of which are exclusive to our service.

Career opportunities

How does Experteer ensure that the posted vacancies are up to date and of a high quality?

Discover career opportunities on Experteer that are unavailable anywhere else. We currently offer more than 1,000,000 executive and leadership positions, all above the Experteer salary benchmark.

To ensure our positions are up to date, we consistently check the status of vacancies on company career pages and compare these with our listings.

With our efficient search filters, as well as the capability to search for positions based on salary benchmarks, we enable our Premium Members to discover quality-approved and relevant positions. We employ a team of nearly 100 researchers, who analyze the quality and relevance of all published positions. To provide our users with the highest quality selection of career offerings, we update several thousand positions on our database each week.

How are the salary benchmarks calculated?

Experteer shows you salary benchmarks for the positions posted on Experteer. The salary benchmark should serve as a guide when assessing an open position.

Experteer Salary Benchmark

The Experteer Benchmark is an Experteer service that shows you the estimated market value of a specific position. It is not given by the recruiters, and it is an estimate based solely on market data.

Experteer's estimation is based on both the analysis of internal data, as well as external information. The Experteer Benchmark is the average market value at the respective level. This value may be up to 15% higher or lower in each company (greater variation may be possible in individual cases).

Recruiter Benchmark

The Recruiter Benchmark is given by the recruiter advertising the job.

The Recruiter Benchmark serves as a reference. The actual salary to be obtained however, depends on factors such as professional experience and expertise. The size and location of the company also play a role.

It may happen that the recruiter cannot disclose the financial package for a specific position, in which case the Benchmark can be set as 'confidential'.

The distinction between the Experteer Benchmark and the Recruiter Benchmark cannot be made in the logged-out area. Log in now or register and see which Benchmark applies to each job.


How do recruiters use Experteer?

On Experteer, headhunters and HR managers can post jobs from $100,000 . Both have the possibility to also search for matching candidate profiles.

As a candidate, you decide which recruiters have access to your profile. Experteer offers you various display settings for headhunters and HR managers. You have full control over which recruiters can view your profile.

Specifically, the following search criteria are available to recruiters:

  • Expertise
  • Professional Experience
  • Staff Responsibility
  • Project Management Experience
  • Employment Abroad
  • Career Level
  • Industries
  • Functional Area
  • Full Text Search
  • Post Code or City
  • Distance
  • Education
  • Areas of Professional Training
What can I do to make recruiters aware of my profile?

Please ensure your profile is as complete, distinctive and precise as possible. Make sure that you highlight your individual expertise and your greatest professional achievements. These make you unique and make you stand out in this job market for specialists and executives. This will increase your chances of being found by recruiters in the course of their search.

Why has my profile not been viewed by a recruiter yet?

The attractiveness of a candidate's profile to a recruiter depends on various factors. In addition to age, education and professional background, current demand in the job market is also a decisive factor. The recruitment industry is often a reflection of the current economy.

You can make your contribution by providing Experteer with a profile that is as complete, unique and precise as possible. Make sure that you highlight your individual expertise and your greatest professional achievements. These make you unique and make you stand out on this job market for specialists and executives. This will increase your chances of being found by recruiters in the course of their search.

Privacy Policy

What about privacy and data security?

Experteer is particularly concerned about keeping your data secure and protected. For further information on Experteer's privacy policy, please click here.

Who can access my profile? Is my data safe with Experteer?

Headhunters as well as HR managers can register on Experteer. Before being approved, each new registration is carefully validated by our internal research team.

As a candidate, you decide which recruiters have access to your profile. Experteer offers you various display settings for headhunters and HR managers. You have full control over which recruiters can view your profile.

You can control and adjust your display settings for headhunters and HR managers in "My Profile". You can also see how your profile is presented to the respective recruiter.

You can determine whether a headhunter or a recruiter can view your profile during the application process.

Your application can only be viewed by the headhunter or HR manager who posted that job.

Your data is safely transmitted via a secure SSL-connection.

According to which criteria are recruiters checked and approved?

All headhunters and HR managers must provide comprehensive feedback about themselves and the company they are working for when registering. These details are then checked by Experteer. To do this, we make use of the headhunter's homepage which should also provide some background on the company. Only after this procedure can the headhunter's account be activated.

By accepting our General Terms and Conditions, every recruiter commits to treating all obtained information about a candidate as confidential.


What is the difference between the various types of Experteer memberships?

We offer you two different types of membership:

  1. As an Experteer Basic Member you only have limited access to all of our services: You can create your profile for free, and be discovered by recruiters, but you will not be able to see which recruiters have viewed it nor respond to their contact requests. Your access to our career postings is limited to only twenty percent of our job market, and the company name and link will be concealed. Recruiters can contact you, but you only respond when recruiters provide you with a voucher.
  2. Only Experteer Premium members can take advantage of all of Experteer's features: You will have complete access to all pre-screened executive jobs - that's 5x more than with a Basic Membership. You can reply to all contact requests from recruiters, and view which recruiters have viewed your profile. Your chances of being discovered and contacted also dramatically increase: recruiters contact Premium candidates significantly more often, as they can immediately reply to and approve contact requests.
What are the notice periods?

You can cancel your Basic Membership at any time, with no deadlines or restrictions. The same applies to your Premium Membership, which you can cancel at any time during your selected subscription period. Of course, you will still have complete access to all Premium benefits until the end of the period you have booked on Experteer. After the cancellation of your Premium Membership, your account status will return to Basic Membership.

My annual salary is considerably lower than $100,000 per year. Can I register with Experteer anyway?

Experteer focuses on leading professionals with high-quality positions starting from $100,000 . As an executive career service, we pride ourselves on providing optimal customer satisfaction. This is best achieved by entering accurate personal and professional career history data.

How can I change my email settings?

To change the frequency of the newsletter, the settings can be found here.

Please note that if you unsubscribe from the newsletters, you may still receive system-generated messages - for example, headhunter contact request notifications. If you wish to receive no emails from Experteer, you must delete your Experteer profile. These settings and options can be found here.

If you cannot access your account, please contact us at the following address: Customer Service.


How can I use Experteer Mobile?

Experteer offers you the following features for mobile usage:

  • App for iOS
  • App for Android
  • WebApp for mobile browsers

You can download the Apps from Apple App Store or Google Play respectively. To be able to use the Apps you need to have operating system 7.0 and higher for iOS and 4.4 and higher for Android already installed.

In order to visit Experteer in your browser, please visit you shall be directed to this mobile site (WebApp). For an optimal experience, you need to use one of the following browsers:

  • Safari
  • Android Browser
  • Chrome

Here you find further information and the download links to our mobile offers.

What can I use on Experteer Mobile?

The mobile version offers you the most important Experteer functions. You can:

  • Register on Experteer and become a Premium Member
  • Search for jobs and save searches
  • Create and edit profile
  • Save interesting jobs
  • Get contact requests and reply directly
  • View profile visits from recruiters
  • Get Push Notifications (only for iOS and Android App)

For further information see our product overview.

Technical Information

What are the system requirements?

In order to optimally experience the Experteer service, you should use one of the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge: current versions
  • Firefox: current versions
  • Chrome: current versions
  • Safari: 5.1 and higher

Other standard browsers should work too, but they have not been verified by us.

It is also essential that JavaScript and cookies are activated in your browser settings. You can find these settings in Microsoft Internet Explorer under "Tools => Internet Options => Security => Default Level" or in Firefox under "Tools => Options => Privacy => Cookies" or "Tools => Options => Content".