Project Manager II

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Ability to apply intermediate level of subject matter knowledge to solve a variety of common business issues. Works on problems/projects of moderately complex scope. Exercises independent judgment within defined practices and procedures to determine appropriate action. Follows established guidelines and interprets unique circumstances and makes recommendations. Projects contributions have impact on cost , efficiency, productivity on project budget less than $250K. Works on straightforward projects where analysis of situations or data requires an evaluation of several factors. Works on projects usually affecting two or fewer functional areas. Coordinates and integrates the work efforts an deliverables of a small to medium one function project team or sub-project of a larger project. Project is typically in one location. Manages projects with reasonable stakeholder deadline

Manages internal project delivery:

  • Small to medium/ straightforward/ local scope
  • Low/medium risk

Manages project financials including business impact:

  • Meets approved budgets.
  • Provides realistic forecasts to management.

Manages stakeholder relationships:

  • Manages first to mid-level stakeholders

Manages project team:

  • Manages resources of a team size of less than 7 people.
  • Provides performance feedback on project team members.


  • Bachelor's Degree.
  • At least three (3)+ years in project management role or in like role/business.
  • Demonstrates a basic knowledge of key services, operational policies, processes and methodologies applicable to project management.
  • Understands project management methods.

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