CFO-ambulatory Division

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Broward Health is Broward County's largest healthcare services provider and is one of the nation's top public health systems. We are seeking a qualified professional to join our team.

The CFO will provide proactive strategic leadership through the development of a comprehensive financial operations plan to support regional and Broward Health strategic objectives. The CFO is responsible for the implementation of regional financial plans, policies, programs and accounting processes and systems. The incumbent must have expertise in the management of business office/patient accounting, compliance, managed care contracting and expense management. The incumbent is accountable for the management of all operations within the assigned areas of responsibility and provides consultative resources to the Corporate Senior Vice President/CFO. The CFO will ensure programs, processes and systems reflect fiscal integrity and ensure organizational success and compliance with finance and accounting standards, legal and regulatory guidelines and reporting requirements.

Key Responsibilities and Experience

Articulate and model a management philosophy which creates an inclusive, effective, functional and accountable organization best suited to execute Broward Health's mission, vision, values, strategies, goals and objectives;

Demonstrate, understand and take personal responsibility for key financial indicators of Broward Health's Ambulatory Division;

Develop and execute upon financial plans and priorities and maintain accountability and timeliness of performance goals;

Implement and execute policies and plans to direct and achieve both long-term and short-term objective to create a working environment which focuses on patient, physician and employee engagement, regional performance, regulatory compliance and market success;

Build and support an effective, collaborative, engaged and inclusive team with an emphasis on open, direct and productive communication to achieve organizational success;

Exhibit a strong commitment to continual learning and education to support an agile team responsive to transitioning market conditions

Direct efforts to ensure that policies and practices effectively support sound financial business practices

Model and reinforce ethical behavior in self and others in accordance with the Code of Conduct, organizational policies, procedures and guidelines, regulatory, legal and accrediting obligations;

Ensure oversight for communication, implementation, enforcement, and monitoring, of regulatory obligations, compliance policies and practices;

Maintain open, effective and responsive relationship and communication with the leadership team to include information related to the regions operational and financial performance, priorities and goal setting.

Personal Characteristics and Attributes;

Emphasize teamwork, transparency, and credibility;

Convene perspectives of a multi-faceted team;

Decisive yet supportive of distributed decision making; not afraid to make difficult decisions;

Open, accessible, balanced, visible and approachable to staff;

Seek to proactively build and maintain productive partnerships;

Model excellent communication, listening, and negotiation skills;

Strategic, visionary, innovative, creative, and willing to take appropriate business decisions;

Sound professional judgment, broad thinking an innovative;

Demonstrate integrity, honesty and courage.



Master's Degree and 10 years of relevant experience in financial management.

Thank you for your interest in Broward Health. Broward Health is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Affirmative Action procurer of goods and services.

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