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Consumers have come to expect personalized and seamless experiences in nearly all aspects of their daily life – how they stay connected, shop, book travel and manage their finances. Technology innovation has enabled these experiences. Consumers should expect, and will demand, the same personalized experience for managing their health.
Despite progress over the years by Humana and others, health care costs continue to rise while outcomes and member experiences have shown limited improvement or declined. To meet new competitive challenges, better respond to consumer needs, reduce systemic friction points and to inspire a brighter future for healthcare in America, Humana is creating a new business focused on the whole health and wellness needs of seniors. Associates in this business [the Edge] will reimagine and co-create a customer focused experience designed to establish a trusting relationship with seniors to help them achieve their best health.
[The Edge] will operate independently, with distinct leadership and governance. With a ‘startup-like’ mentality and the enthusiastic support and backing of Humana and its board, the initial leadership team will play a critical role in building the new business and changing the healthcare industry from managing transactions to supporting a member’s whole health.
The Lead of Cybersecurity Technology Architecture, Engineering & Operations will operate as a member of the [The Edge] technology cybersecurity leadership team reporting to the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). This role contributes [The Edge] enterprise goals as a skilled, experienced and active cyber security professional practitioner and a skilled technologist. This role will also contribute by recruiting new cyber security professionals, practitioners and technologists and by to building and leading a lean cybersecurity architecture, engineering and operations functions for a cloud-first, consumer-friendly, fast-moving, agile operating model. The Lead will be accountable and responsible for delivering results, shaping culture, recruiting and cultivating cloud and data engineering talent, and operating beyond organizational and enterprise boundaries to rapidly analyze and use data in support of selecting, architecting, deploying and operating cloud-first cybersecurity technology solutions. To successfully execute this role requires an in-depth understanding of public cloud technologies, agile/DevOps practices and the ability to build collaborative relationships with other teams within [The Edge] (engineering, product, architecture, operations, service management, cybersecurity, infosec, privacy, regulatory compliance, etc.) and across the broader Humana Inc enterprise (enterprise architecture, infrastructure, enterprise information protection).


The Lead of Cybersecurity Technology Architecture, Engineering & Operations contributes to [The Edge] enterprise goals as a skilled, hands-on, experienced and active cyber security professional practitioner and a skilled technologist.  They will also recruit new cybersecurity/cloud technology skilled talent and lead a dynamic team of cloud cybersecurity and data protection architects, engineers and operations technologists to protect [The Edge] assets, data, brand and consumers in a cloud-first consumer-friendly operating model.  This role  will be responsible for partnering with IT Architecture, IT Engineering, IT Software Engineering, IT Operations, DevOps and lines of business  leaders and their teams to ensure all technologies and solutions and operational process are adequately secured and monitored and meet cybersecurity regulations at state, national and international levels. This role will research new cybersecurity solutions to find creative and innovative ways to manage cyber-risks. In addition, this role will contribute and influence technology architecture designs, technology engineering specifications, and actively conduct cybersecurity technology operations compliant with service level agreements and operational resiliency and performs targets. This role will also contribute by striving to ensure that all technologies and solutions, in addition to being security and compliant, are also user-friendly for [The Edge] workforce and consumers alike.  This role must also select and implement and operate cybersecurity technologies and solutions that are innovative and that can be continuously sustained at contemporary versions and models, ensuring [The Edge] can evolve at the speed of the public cloud and the speed of the market/business. This role will require a cybersecurity professional and practitioner that has the experience, confidence and technical skills to rethink routine and leverage new and innovative approaches to cyber-risk management and be able to communicate complex concepts to broad range of stakeholders and align them to the strategic and tactical actions required to execute to implementation completion to operational sustainment.

Key activities for Cybersecurity Technology Architecture, Engineering & Operations function:

  • Build and maintain data structures and databases in support of cybersecurity and cyber-operations risk management
  • Design and build cloud-based cybersecurity and data security systems
  • Analyze data and enable machine learning, advanced analytics, and AI in support of cybersecurity
  • Model business processes for analysis and optimization in support of cybersecurity risk management outcomes
  • Design for reliability, security, operational performance compliance and end user experience outcomes
  • Implement tools to visualize data and manage data privacy/security policies and cybersecurity risk management metrics and cybersecurity regulatory compliance tracking
  • Design and plan and document secure implementations of cloud solutions
  • Manage and provision the cloud cybersecurity  solution infrastructure
  • Design/create for cybersecurity standards and cybersecurity compliance specifications
  • Analyze and optimize technical and business processes
  • Ensure solutions and operations are reliabe, scalable and elastic

Required Qualifications:

  • A passion for simplifying and automating workflows, for making complex things easy and efficient, constantly finding new uses for data and turning data into usable information, insights and actions.
  • Cybersecurity and/or Technology professional with 10+ years of information technology engineering and/or information technology infrastructure management experience, with at least five years of cloud platform experience.
  • Deep understanding of cloud computing and how SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions can accelerate innovation and delivery, while generating operational efficiencies.
  • Undergraduate degree in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)related discipline.
  • Strong technology acumen across a wide and diverse list of technologies relentless technical curiosity, and a “why not” attitude.
  • Experience working and/or managing within an environment with a “startup” culture using agile, lean, DevOps, DevSecOps and DataOps delivery practices and methodologies.
  • Healthcare specific technology solutions, architecture, engineering and operations experience with a working knowledge of HIPAA Security and HIPAA Privacy regulations and requirements, Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards, GLBA and NIST cybersecurity standards
  • Certification or solid working knowledge of  SABSA or competing security architecture framework

Role Essentials:

  • Digital leadership skills – capable of empowering and leading cybersecurity architecture, engineering and operations teams to meet dynamic business needs; leveraging modern technologies to create solutions that are that are simple and engaging to consumers.
  • Strong written and verbal communication and presentation skills
  • In-depth knowledge of public cloud computing architectures and services.  Proficient in the use of cloud native technologies, cloud cybersecurity, and implementation patterns to lower costs, improve speed to market, increase efficiency, and enable innovation.
  • Promote best practices through ongoing collaboration with cross-functional stakeholders
  • Proficient at articulating key messages effectively, and guiding IT leaders and business partners on key concepts and strategies for enabling technology innovation.
  • Skillful in collaboration and diplomacy to ensure effective working relationships, build consensus across matrixed teams and work with external teams to negotiate data access.
  • Experience leveraging modern technologies and architecture to increase velocity and decrease cost of solution delivery; including cloud-based technologies, microservices architecture, and streaming analytics.
  • Building collaborative relationships with team members, fostering a productive team environment, and coaching staff with timely meaningful feedback
  • Experience with native cloud data storage technologies and architecture
  • Experience with backups, restores and recovery models
  • Knowledge of High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) practices
  • Experience implementing operational automation in a DevOps practice

Role Desirables:

  • MBA or Master’s in Comp. Sci. or MIS degree preferred
  • Healthcare domain experience including delivering products or solutions for payers, providers, pharmacy or medical equipment and/or consumer solutions
  • Cybersecurity professional certification as CISSP, CISSMP, CISSAP or CISSPE or equivalent
  • Professional Certifications in public cloud technologies and/or solution architecture as GCP and/or Azure Architecture or Cybersecurity certifications, Kubernetes or other cloud technology specific certifications.

Reporting Relationship:

This area is under the leadership of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of [The Edge].

Additional Information:

Humana is an organization with careers that change lives—including yours. As an innovator in the fast-paced industry of healthcare, we offer our associates careers that challenge, support and inspire them to use their passion for helping others and to lead their best lives. If you’re ready to help people achieve lifelong well-being, and be a part of an organization that is growing and poised to make an impact on the future of healthcare, Humana has the right opportunity for you.

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