Director of Engineering, Distribution Technical

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Job Description Summary:
Essential Functions:
* Manages the department by establishing and monitoring area goals, policies, plans, standards, performance objectives and budget. Analyzes and recommends resource levels to plan, develop and implement policies and practices. Establishes operating and financial objectives and aligns with department goals. Manages area financial resources.
* Oversees the management and development of area staff. Assesses the need for, and oversees implementation of, programs to ensure employees possess the technical, interpersonal and organizational skills required to support operating plans. Manages, selects, coaches and develops area staff.
* Collaborates with other Directors within Engineering on life cycle, risk analysis and reliability reporting and planning.
* Oversees the engineering design and publication of overhead, direct buried, underground and streetlight electric distribution construction standards including safety, code compliance, maintainability, economic evaluation, material specification and electrical/mechanical serviceability.
* Oversees the development and publication of material standards for overhead, direct buried, underground and streetlight electric distribution construction and maintenance based on material specifications and in conjunction with the Purchasing and Stores function for the Eversource system.
* Oversees development and implementation of field audits to ensure compliance with standards.
* Oversees distribution equipment failure analysis, investigation and testing, and implementation of necessary corrective measures related to performance of equipment; coordinates these activities with the field, Purchasing and Stores functions and others; and provides records and statistical reports in support of these activities.
* Oversees qualification of technical competence, selection and approval of manufacturers and suppliers of electrical distribution system materials in coordination with related distribution functions and Purchasing and Stores functions.
* Ensures establishment of emergency spare requirements for cables, cable connectors, transformers and other critical distribution materials.
* Ensures adequacy of training activities associated with the application and use of distribution standards.
* Supervises review of and/or reviews proposed local, state, regional and national standards, specifications and guidelines involving electric distribution materials; recommends approval or other action by Eversource management.
* Provides overall strategic direction on GIS system development and maintenance
* Manages joint owner and third party attachment relationships, agreements, and processes
* Participates in various state, regional and national organizations involved in the resiliency and standardization of electric distribution materials, specifications and construction designs (i.e., DPU, ECNE, EEI and USA Standards).
* Provides direction on implementation and maintenance of computer programs used to support the related activities including GIS records, standards development, equipment failure reporting, and reliability reporting.
* Demonstrates ability to achieve and influence results through others both those internal and external to the reporting unit.
* Builds and maintains networks of key contacts across the organization facilitating organizational efficiencies.
* Plans, coordinates, controls and directs continuous improvement activities including: internal & external benchmarking, identification of industry "best practices," process mapping, process modeling and facilitation of process improvement teams.
* Plans, coordinates and directs distribution engineering research & development activities, including pilot installation projects, associated with new products and/or technologies which could improve the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of electric and gas distribution systems.
* Manages joint utility negotiations, liaison and agreements between the operating companies.
Technical Knowledge/Skill/Education/Licenses/Certifications:
Technical Knowledge/Skill: Demonstrates competency and proficiency in oral and written communications; is customer driven; displays initiative; accepts responsibility; holds others accountable; participates in and facilitates team effectiveness; assumes the role of team leader; thinks and acts analytically; makes sound decisions to support the mission; applies knowledge and skill to solve problems and respond promptly, appropriately and constructively to employees.
Requires thorough knowledge in distribution operations support, design or planning; managing operating budgets and operating plans; and working cross functionally. Demonstrated leadership in strategic planning.
Education: Bachelor's Degree in electrical engineering. Advanced degree in engineering or an MBA is preferred.
Experiences Thirteen to fifteen years of experience in distribution engineering and operations required. Thorough knowledge of distribution system engineering, engineering economics, and computer engineering applications. Thorough knowledge of local, state and national codes, regulations and policies governing the construction, operation and maintenance of electric and gas distribution systems. Thorough knowledge of process improvement strategies, methodologies and techniques.
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Engineering Jobs
EEO Statement
Eversource Energy is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, disability status, or protected veteran status.
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