Chief Financial Officer - Brookhaven, MS

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  • Develops, with the assistance from appropriate hospital personnel and governing board members, short and long range administrative and organization plans to define responsibilities and business activities consistent with hospital goals and objectives. Develops, with the assistance from appropriate hospital personnel and governing board members, an annual administrative plan and a financial plan for the hospital, subject to the authority and control of the hospital's governing board.
  • Oversees various department heads.
  • Assists the governing board and hospital's legal counsel in negotiation of professional service contracts. All such contracts at all times being subject to final review and approval by the hospital's governing board. Approves performance appraisals and wage modifications, reviews and resolves employee grievances and make suggestions as appropriate.
  • Maintains administrative responsibility for physicians both inside and outside the hospital subject to the ultimate responsibility and control of the governing board.
  • Act as a liaison among the hospital's governing board any advisory boards, its medical staff and the various hospital departments. Participates in various meetings with such groups to provide pertinent information related to the hospital operations and fiscal affairs. Facilitates resolution of questions and problems relating to hospital operations.
  • Keeps apprised of public policy, economic developments and public opinions as they may pertain to the hospitals organizational goals. Participates in hospital associations and healthcare professional organizations.
  • Directs the conduct of the CFO's office and related financial operations to ensure implementation of the hospital's fiscal business plan. Reviews and approves all financial reports, budgets and major expenditures, subject to the ultimate authority and control of the hospital's governing board.
  • Oversees the efforts of hospital personnel to maintain accreditation standards of the Joint Commission, Medicare, Medicaid and similar organizations.
  • Coordinates the efforts of the hospital's governing board, any advisory boards, medical staff and hospital personnel to maintain hospital's quality standards through its loss control programs as may be established at the hospital.
  • Responsible for reporting Key Events to the QHR Compliance Hot line


  • In depth and up to date knowledge of hospital administration.
  • Knowledge of the healthcare field as well as refined managerial skills.


  • BS/BA in related field and relevant experience required.
  • Masters preferred.
Full time

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