Senior Product Manager I

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Infinity Insurance Company is a leader in bringing specialized automobile insurance programs to the marketplace.  We deliver innovative products and services that are designed to meet the diverse and evolving insurance needs of consumers.

When we named our company "Infinity" we knew it was a bold title. Infinity means without end. For more than 50 years, Infinity has done justice to its name, searching for every possible way to offer the best service. The key to our ongoing success is excellence. We strive for excellence in every detail, from our policy offerings and insurance products to our hiring and training programs. We don't take excellence for granted. All of our hard work has paid off.  We consistently outperform the industry by making auto insurance more accessible, easier to understand and affordable. 



Independently develops and manages insurance products or key analytical processes within a designated region with underwriting profitability and controlled premium growth being principal objectives.   Responsibility may be for a large focus state or may span across several smaller focus states within a region.  Responsibility could also include or focus exclusively on product development analyses or the management of one or more point-of-sale processes used to underwrite applicants.   Identifies product issues and opportunities and performs or oversees the analytical work necessary to complete national, group, state or product level analyses. The Senior Product Manager also has management responsibility for a Product Team, one or more Product Managers or Product Analysts.



* 1.      May manage the activities of Product Managers, Senior Product Analysts and/or Product Analysts/Product Analyst Trainees.

* 2.      Designs insurance products to be marketed in his/her territory.

* 3.      Implements rate levels necessary to maintain consistent underwriting profit/growth.

* 4.      Designs company forms such as our policy, application, declarations page and related documents.

* 5.      Works with the Pricing Group to facilitate the completion of rate level indications.

* 6.      Works with the Pricing Group to complete off-balance analyses.

* 7.      Works with the Pricing Group to submit rate/form filings.

* 8.      Identifies product issues and opportunities and performs or oversees the analytical work necessary to complete national, group, state or product level analyses.  May champion larger projects commissioned by the Product Standards Committee, an AVP, VP or the President. 

* 9.      Maintains and updates forecasting and planning models for assigned products .

* 10.    Works with Business Development to develop marketing plans and sales strategies.

* 11.    Monitors incoming business and communicates results to management and functional groups.

* 12.    Manages the process of collecting competitor filings and developing competitive analyses.

* 13.    Communicates product level changes to functional groups.

* 14.    Provides training to functional groups regarding new programs or revisions to existing programs.

* 15.    Sponsors and participates in analyses based on changes in the industry or by competitors.

* 16.    Recommends changes to and participates in the development of the company’s standard programs.

* 17.    Mentors Analysts and PM’s with a demonstrated expertise in one or more business software programs.

* 18.    Works with Infinity University and Senior Product Staff to develop/teach PM training classes.

   19.    Performs all other duties as assigned.

* 20.    Regular, predictable attendance required.



Senior Product Manager I:

MBA or other Advanced degree preferred, 4-year college degree required with strong mathematics scores.

Demonstrated understanding of the insurance pricing and product management process with track record of success and/or significant analytical contribution leading to improvement in processes of product standards.

A minimum of six years  analytical or insurance profit and loss experience is preferred.

A minimum of two years as a successful Insurance Product Manager preferred.

Advanced understanding of PC-based business software packages, including current spreadsheet, data base, and word processing software such as Access, Excel, Word, and other software that is deployed by the Company to support the product management functions.

Must be a self motivated, goal oriented individual with excellent organizational skills.

Must exhibit excellent analytical skills.

Must exhibit excellent communication and listening skills.

Ability to adapt to a fast-paced, ever-changing environment

Senior Product Manager II:

Qualifications of a Senior Product Manager I, plus the following:

Minimum of two (2) years experience as a Senior Product Manager I with no less than a 3.00 average evaluation score for tenure in that role.

Successful completion of requirements for a professional designation ACAS, FCAS, CPCU, or significant analytical or process automation contribution recognized by senior management as business changing.  This contribution could also be demonstrated through the improvement of profit/loss and written premium growth versus plan or expectations over the course of a complete accident year period.

Direct responsibility expands to include direct reports, multiple profit centers, the assignment of additional company-wide projects or vendor relationships.


Employees understand our commitment to a positive work environment and dedication to the utmost in service. Advancement opportunities include skill training and career paths for many positions.  We take the time to get to know our customers and recognize the importance of building long-term relationships – with our business clients as well as our hardworking employees.

Come see why our team gets the job done right and has fun doing it!

Full time

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